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JSON-RPC for python

A json-rpc package which implements JSON-RPC.

You can browse the code or check it out using subversion from the  svn repository.

This implementation is currently in development.

It provides functionality for making JSON-RPC services available through CGI. In addition it provides a mod_python handler for providing services through mod_python which is more perfomant than CGI. There is also some JSON-RPC over sockets implementation.


You will need  simplejson installed for the jsonrpc to run.

Download jsonrpc and install it into python's lib/site-packages/.

On Unix/Linux? do the following as root:

$ easy_install simplejson
$ svn co jsonrpc
$ cd jsonrpc
$ python install

mod_python handler

The idea is that you only need to create a python module containing a service, put it in a directory and the rest is handled by the mod_python handler.

For it to work you need to tell apache to add a python handler for a certain location or directory. It also works in .htaccess files:


<Directory /var/www/services >
    AddHandler mod_python py
    PythonHandler jsonrpc.apacheServiceHandler
    PythonPath "sys.path+['path_to_jsonrpc_implementation']"

You may have to set the PythonPath in the code above, so that mod_python can find the hanlder (see the  mod_python documentation).

Now, place a python file in the directory /var/www/services/ If that file is requested the jsonrpc.apacheServiceHandler will import the python module for that file and look for a service inside that module.

You have 3 options to tell the handler what service you want to provide in your module.

You either expose:

  • a service object called service
  • a function getService() which returns a service object
  • a class Service which will be used to create a service object

Example service script /var/www/services/

class Service:
    def echo(self, msg):
        return msg

service = Service()

All methods of the service object are now available through JSON-RPC over HTTP:
(service url:http://yourdomain/services/

CGI handler

To be used to server services in a CGI environment.

Example CGI script

#!/usr/bin/env python

class Service:
    def echo(self, msg):
        return msg

from jsonrpc.cgihandler import handleCGIRequest


TCP service server

To be used to serve JSON-RPC over TCP.

This is under development

class Service:
    def echo(self, msg):
        return msg

from jsonrpc.socketserver import ThreadedTCPServiceServer

ThreadedTCPServiceServer(Service()).serve(('localhost', 5766))