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api versioning, unclear parameter declaraion.

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  1. "10. Service Description" does not solve the "api versioning" problem. The server must has means to provide backward compatibility to clients.

For example, system.describe function returns the JSON Array of the Service Description with different version numbers, or the Service Description has the Service Procedure Description of the each procedure version.

  1. It is not clear the reaction of the server when the client produces the request, where Procedure Call With Named and Positional Parameters is used.

For sum example, the client is able to produce

    "version" : "1.1",
    "method"  : "sum",
    "params"  : { "1" : 34, "c" : 56, "0" : 12, "a" : 13 }

The param "a" is declared twice. Which value will be used by the server?

  1. "12. Object Extensions" is bit far-fetched. Why use the Dollar sign? The members of Procedure Call, Procedure Return, Error which are not declared in the JSON-RPC specification may be considered as "object extension" without any special prefix.
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